Thursday, August 18, 2011


Welcome to the blog for the Studio Class.

For next class, there are two things due:

1. A brief response paper (printed out) on this article about Annie Leibovitz's financial troubles. I want you to answer the following questions, and be prepared to discuss the article in class:

a. Do you have sympathy for Leibovitz? Why or why not?

b. What is Leibovitz's greatest source of collateral?

c. What does Art Capital Group do?

d. What are the decisions she made that seem to have gotten her into financial trouble?

Updates on the suit:

Leibovitz settles with Art Capital

Leibovitz sued again

2. Please come prepared to show some of your recent work to the class. This can be shown from computer, or you can show the actual art objects themselves. Give some though towards what your work is "about," and what you prefer to talk about when you talk about your art (do you prefer to talk about your art process? About the ideas behind the work? etc.)

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