Friday, December 9, 2011

working on my website...

think i've at least started in the right direction
wanting to advertise my photography, director, and model capabilities
still looking at other websites like mine for reference....
any new critiques to be made??
i think its a work in progress but i feel satisfied with it thus far :)

i absolutely prefer the website over the blog (with keeping updated)

5 year plan

1 year from now:
I plan on living in either the OC (bc its only an hour away from my parents) or if they move to Arizona by the time i graduate then i plan on moving there.
In that time I'm going to decide if i should go to grad school at ASU or not
2 years from now:
working at some sort of magazine or branch of a clothing brand company - helping with advertisements, hopefully past the stage of interning & exploring - instead getting my portfolio together for an art director position
3 years from now:
hopefully getting married - may have to relocate to where my husband is stationed (army) fingers crossed for NY. which has some of the most opportunities for art directors for major magazines, labels, and companies such as Conde Nast.
4 years from now:
a good, working, and ever expanding portfolio - applying for bigger position jobs
maybe after settling down at this point, able to produce personal art work and apply for gallery spaces
5 years from now:
I'll be 27 years old, with a family, located in some sort of busy city (no rural area please)
with a 9-5 job at some sort of fashion inspired corporate place
plans for the future? kids, a home, creating and working on my own line, casting director, free lance photographer, regularly keeping a blog, discover different religions, travel, and live.

KM's updated 5 year plan

5 year plan- Kath McGaughey
add ons-
·       Investigate venues for BFA work to be shown. eg: ‘End of Life/ Care education’ organizations, hospice, hospitals etc Investigate/ prepare proposals. (follow up with professors regarding this)
·       (more than 5 years out but in the plan- ) Dobell Prize for Drawing
·       MFA in 2D/ mixed media at Sierra Nevada College- now a real possibility!
Talk to school about when and how the program will operate and entrance requirements
·       MFA in 2 D/ mixed media. Australia( 2013?) or USA. (2 year committment)
 School possibilities-
MFA at Australian National University, Canberra, ACT
·       MFA in 2D/ mixed media at UNR, Reno
·       Build up portfolio/ continue to build skill set. Course work through Sierra College (life drawing, oil painting and ceramics and PHOTOSHOP). Summer course work- Sierra Nevada College 2012 wood engraving- Sarah Whorf 
·       Riverside Studios for short term. Sales and work to cover cost of materials+ . 
 Riverside – artist of the month (joint show- summer, 2012 with Jessica Hayworth???)  
 Provide 2D work for commission sale.
·       Nevada Museum of fine arts- docent program/ interships and jobs available in the Curatorial, Education, Communications, Advancement departments.
·       Investigate residencies programs, juried shows in the area- Truckee, Reno, Grass Valley, Sacramento, Nevada City
·       Blue Bird jewelry design collaboration.    Jessica Hall is a metal smith and jewelry technician whose business is doing well. She is looking to expand her physical shop space and incorporate local artists and their work.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lexy's 5 year

Year 1: Find a job to fund my move to North or South Carolina or Georgia. At this point it can be really anything to make money to move. Do art on the side and try to get work into Comma Coffee, The Hobson Gallery, and Artsy Fartsy.
Year 2: Move to the already mentioned states. Get a job with a literary review like the North Carolina Literary Review, Crazyhorse Literary Review, or Georgia Review. Enjoy the east coast.
Year 3: Continue to live  and work on the east coast and start submitting work to galleries like  the Alan Avery Art Company in Georgia, 701 CCA in South Carolina, or the Upstairs Gallery in North Carolina. 
Year 4: Get tired of the east and miss my family. Move back home. Start my own sort of small poetry review with my new connections and experience. Start applying to graduate school. 
Year 5: Move to the Bay Area [probably live with my grandma] and go to the University of San Francisco working towards my MFA in Creative Writing.  
Comma Coffee:
312 S. Carson St.
Carson City, NV 89701
(775) 883-2662 
Hobson Gallery: 
315 Spokane St. Ste. 2
Reno, NV 89512 
Artsy Fartsy:
220 W. Telegraph St.
Carson City, NV 89703
Alan Avery Art Company:
Trinity Gallery:
315 East Paces Ferry Rd.
Atlanta, Georgia 30305 
701 CCA:
701 Whaley Street,
Columbia, SC 29201
(803) 779-4571 
Upstairs Gallery
(828) 859-2828
North Carolina Literary Review:
Department of English 
East Carolina University
2132 Bate Building
Greenville, NC 27858
Editor: Dr. Margaret D. Bauer
(252) 328-1537
Crazyhorse Literary Review:
Department of English
College of Charleston
66 George St.
Charleston, SC 29424
Editor: Garrett Doherty
Georgia Review
320 S. Jackson St.
University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602

Jessica's 5-year plan

Year 1:
BFA in Spring
Continue to work at SNC for the following year
Enter a residency program (Anderson Ranch)
Start a new book
Submit to publishing companies (Drawn and Quarterly, Wide Awake Press, Gaze Books, Domino Books)
Riverside Studios show with Kath

Year 2:
Enter MFA program (SNC)
Start working towards thesis
Continue work on book/portfolio
Attend Small Press Expo

Year 3:
Continue MFA/thesis
Continue work on book/portfolio
Attend SPX

Year 4:
Finish MFA/thesis
Maybe take a break and go climb some trees or something
Continue submitting to publishing companies/local galleries

Year 5:
Continue making work
Possibly another residency program
If possible, acquire studio space/small press
Continue submissions, etc.

Monday, December 5, 2011

five year plan

year 1:

graduate from SNC

work on portfolio

year 2:


try and get into grad school

year 3:

start grad school

start an internship/ assistant work

(obtain connections/ contacts)

year 4:

finish grad school

internship/ assistant work

year 5:

live where I want to live

(vegas, california, maybe new york)

try and get hired

probably have lots of dogs.

assist photographers, photo work for magazines, art director work,

advertising (Weiden+Kennedy, David & Goliath, Publicis, &Co.)

(a lot depends on where I end up for school, but just some ideas)

internships through:



krochet kids-


schools (in no order):


Savannah College of Art and Design

Academy of Art University


Art Center College of Design

Fashion Institute of Technology

Northern Arizona University

Miami Ad School



Saturday, December 3, 2011


The Everyone Orchestra

random article i came across..

Sam Shear - New 5Year Plan

Sam Shear
5 Year Plan

Year 1.
Achieve my BFA from Sierra Nevada College
Start to create a resume for myself along with a nice portfolio, full of work
Continue to pump out work (working with wax, ceramics, and other materials)
Submit work to local galleries 
-Sierra Nevada College Gallery- Incline Village, Nv.
-The Hobson Gallery- Reno, Nv.
- Riverside Studios- Truckee, Ca.
- Others
Year 2.
Start to work towards a MFA either from Sierra Nevada College or other
Expand upon my ideas... ten folds 
Continue to work with wax and other materials
Continue to submit work to local galleries

Year 3.
Work with wax and the traveler until i feel i have exhausted the idea (anytime)
The traveler candle is in some type of production mode (and selling like hot cakes) from off the website
Continue to submit work to local and nationwide galleries 

Year 4.
Start to put my foot in to the artist door (larger galleries and a name for myself)
Continue to sell wax candle figure (side money)
Creating larger (more intricate work) and better piece of work
Continue to work with more materials (wood, metal, ect.) to keep my feet in the water

Year 5.
Pick up a job for support 
Move out to Galena IL. (second home)
Create my own workshop
Set up large kiln
Have a great supplier for all wax needs
Work, Work, Work 
Submit work to local galleries all around Galena IL. a total of  
Become famous..
Never Forget Sierra Nevada College*

Friday, December 2, 2011

REMINDER: What's due for the final (besides breakfast)

Before the start of the final, you must have completed:

1. Your website, with all tweaks to portfolio, artist statement, and resume made.

2. Your fleshed out 5-year plan, with names and contact info for all the details (MFA programs, residencies, exhibit spaces, publishers, etc., you plan to approach), BOTH posted to this class blog, and printed out.

3. A one-paragraph statement on why it is important (or at least interesting) for a culture to have artists. Or, if it makes more sense to think of the question this way: what's the use of being an artist? Have a PRINTED COPY of this for the final.