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annie mac 5-year plan

AnnieMac 5-YEAR PLAN

INTRO (required)
This year:
Graduate SNC with a Bachelor in Fine Arts, Concentration in Digital Media
Move w Yan Northwest in December after my last semester and BFA show
Come back and walk like a boss for graduation in May
Land job in northwest area using at least one aspect of my art – graphics,photo, anything! OR…start                applying for grad school because Annie can’t get a job
Get a Golden Retriever and a Boston Terrier
Never stop expanding my art practice

Five years from now:
I would like to be somewhere where it snows in five years.
I want a job that allows me the flexibility and finance to travel.
I want to be working doing the things I have learned while I’ve been here at SNC and the things I love.
I would like to be contributing to and working in the fashion industry, whether it is involved with snowboarding or not.
                  I think there is such a wide variety of what I can do as an artist. High aspirations for high fashion       and runway always cause stars in my eyes.
                  My little dream to be a major player in the fashion industry will drive much of what I do.

I hope to work with photo, video, and apparel production.
I want to have a fully functioning and successful apparel company and it may even stay as simple as just hoods and mittens with the possibility of incorporating hoodies.
I would be okay with it being a small boutique line.
                  I need to finalize and perfect my patterns and find some good textile sources to work with.

I also am very interested in participating in some shows and submitting my work to galleries.
I want to see what happens with the big little guys I will make for my BFA but they are so foreign to me at this point that I can’t place them somewhere five years from now.
I just know that I want to be participating in the fine art and fashion community.

I have also seen myself working with a few companies as a graphic designer or art/content contributor.
The things that comes to mind when I think of what I need to do this is:
                  Successfully branding myself

As of now, I see myself still living on the west coast of the US but there is a very real possibility of moving over seas by that time as well since my family is overseas.
                  Having dual citizenship, I have the opportunity to live and work anywhere in Western Europe with      ease so it has always been an option that hangs out in the back of my head.

I expect to do a lot of traveling in the next five years.

I would like to be a visual artist/designer with the ability and option to work with a lot of different mediums, using mostly the favorites I listed above.

GRADUATE SCHOOL (optional - only if you are intending to apply for graduate school)
I have thought of grad school quite a bit and actually looked into University of British Columbia in Vancouver.                  I will be visiting the school in the next year and have spoken with a few people over there as well.   However, the cost is major player in what I decide to do because having spent the past five years at                  SNC scraping by financially, I just don’t know if I can do it for another two to four years.

The grad school idea is benched until I have room in my head to consider it again.

In the next three years I will have shows at bars and coffee shops and wherever I can get my work into.
I plan on entering everything I can, submitting to everything I can.
                  I haven’t so far because I just haven’t felt like Ive had a body of work that was worthy to be making a fuss about – which is definitely a thought that I hope to kick in the next month…I know its                  happening, I think differently about my work already and feel better about it whenever I create.

                  Coffee Bar, Truckee
                  Northwest venues
                  Overseas submissions

I think the work I submit to shows will be varying from photos/stop-motion edits, little guys/big guys, and apparel.
                  At least that is what I see for now.
                  I hold atmosphere very close to my work and it is a huge part, if not the most important part, of my    work so I will hold the shows where I will be able to create the atmosphere I am going for.

I’d like to do be doing some fashion photography and I have high hopes to have my photography and apparel to be featured on blogs like FreePeople and be working with a fashion magazine as a photographer/contributer.

One thing I know I need to be more active with starting immediately is submitting my work to anything and everything. I have to build an audience for my work.

My plan for employment starting after college is to apply to anything and everything, only allowing location to restrict me and even then the radius will be large: west coast for now.
I would like to be working in the industry I have come to accustom to living in: snow sports. I would be nice to get a job within that realm as I feel I am most familiar with that sort of content and style. However, the little guys have shown me there is this whole other direction I could go…but I am just not sure about it yet. Style is something I want to work with and the style I like exists in the snowboard industry; apparel-wise, photo, vibe, etc.
Jobs I have thought about are:
                  apparel production – which would be self-employed so I would need to have another source of income that also allows me the time.
                  Fashion photographer – duh.
                  Graphic design – for any company really. The work may be boring but I see a job like this as a good source of income with good flexibility.

Anderson Ranch – Norway, mexico, france

Hailey M. Kreis 5 Year Plan

5 Year Plan

After I graduate at Sierra Nevada College in December 2014 I hope to have my wedding photography business as well as the graphic design business I’m starting to be up and running in full force.  During the next five years I want to travel, explore, and document my times. I plan on moving to the North West within the next year and having my photography business be based from somewhere in Washington, most likely in Bellingham.  

Graduate School-No


The places I would like to show my work would be…
Magazines-Sports Oriented/Lifestyle
Bridal Websites/Magazines- Photos
Terry Sports Steamboat Springs, Co- Sports Photographs 


Own My Photography/Design Business
Freelance Work
No Internships
Make Money


20 Top Artist Residencies

Laura Woodman

5 Year Plan

In 5 years from now I will be 28. When I'm 28 I would like to be working as an art therapist somewhere. Preferably in a hospital, but I want to be involved in making art of my own, although I don't think I want to pursue showing in galleries or anything. I don't think I will be referring back to the last couple parts of the 5 year plan, but it will be nice to have.

A little time line of the next 5 years of my life I want to look somewhat like this:
May 2014-May 2015
Finish school in the Fall, work and save up cash in the spring

May 2015-May 2016
Take a year off and live my life. I want to travel a bit, then apply to grad schools in the fall

May 2016-May 2017
Grad school

May 2018- May 2019
Grad school

May 2019-May 2020
Be an adult and look for art therapy jobs around the U.S.

Obviously I am wanting to go to an art therapy graduate school.  I have started looking around and I'm pretty interested in two schools so far. Admission requirements for art therapy graduate programs in America are as follows: (this information was received from the American Art Therapy Association website)

The graduate program shall require that each student admitted to the program hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in the United States, be accepted into a bachelor’s/master’s dual degree program in art therapy, or have the equivalent academic preparation from an institution outside the United States.

B. Programs shall require that each student, before admission to the program, submit a portfolio of original artwork, demonstrating competence with art materials.

C. Programs shall require that each student admitted to the degree program successfully complete not later than twelve (12) months after entering the program (and including credits taken before admission):

1. a minimum of eighteen (18) semester hour credits (or twenty-seven [27] quarter-hour credits) of study in studio art which demonstrates proficiency and disciplined commitment in art making. Equivalency of non-academic studio art experience or art therapy based coursework may be specified in the graduate program’s literature. It is imperative that the applicant evidence a range of experience using a variety of art materials and processes.

2. a minimum of twelve (12) semester hour credits (or eighteen [18] quarter-hour credits) of study in psychology, which must include developmental psychology and abnormal psychology.

Ursuline College is college in somewhere called Pepper Pike, Ohio.  This school would leave me eligible for an art therapy license. I have read into the director at the facility and I like her and how she goes about art therapy. My main reason for wanting to go to this school is because they are the only school out of 10 I have emailed about admission requirements, which I meet all of.

Another grad school I'm interested in is Vancouver Art Therapy Institute. On their website I am having trouble finding out about the educators at the institution, but mainly why I am attracted to it is because it can give me credibility for my art therapy license in America and Canada, it's only an 18 month program and will only be about 10,000 total. I meet all of their admission requirements.

Dear (admissions person),
My name is Laura Woodman, and I am writing to apply for (college name)'s Art therapy graduate program. I grew up the daughter of a watercolorist in Fairbanks, Alaska. My mother and I would spend many afternoons doing crafts or painting; I knew from a young age I wanted my future to be in art, and in recent years I discovered I wanted my future to be in therapy as well. I work in many mediums, but my dominate mediums are photography, and watercolor with ink pen.
 I have graduated from Sierra Nevada College with a major in Art and Psychology Interdisciplinary. I took my psychology courses from Donna Axton, whom helped blossom my desire to help others through creative expression. With producing art there comes a great feeling of self-confidence and accomplishment, my dream is to share this feeling with individuals who could benefit from that.
I have applied to this school because of my interested to work with (professor). From what I have observed, their teaching style seems compatible with my learning style, and I enjoy their outlook on the creative therapies. With that knowledge I can move towards becoming the best of my abilities as an art therapist. (This paragraph will change)

Thank you for the consideration, I look forward to hearing from you.

I am still looking and emailing graduate schools. I have some time, and I think I will take this summer and next fall to really look further and begin applying.

I don't ever really think I will be an artist that will show in galleries, although I never want to  close that door. I think that I will more likely be showing some works at coffee shops, art festivals, music festivals or online if anywhere at all. I also make a good amount of jewelry which I have sold before. Jewelry and my watercolors could be put up in coffee shops, and getting a merchants license at art and music festivals could be done. I have always looked into creating my own website or an etsy account, but I don't produce enough right now. Maybe when I complete some work worth selling, I could do so in local areas, like North Tahoe Arts Center which requires you to be a member, work must be hung and a provided list of NTA. The Artsy Fartsy Gallery in Carson City look pretty cool, they show mainly northern Nevadan artists. I couldn't find requirements on their website or facebook page, and when I called nobody answered. This could potentially be a cool place to show work in the future.

Also from our interview that I held with Jon McNair, I discovered the website society6, which is a website specifically for people to sell their art or crafts.  When you post your artwork on Society6, you continue to control the rights to it. There are really no requirements to Society6, except to be 18. If you are selected by their retail partners, they will make your art available through their online stores without forfeiting your rights to your work. When you sell art, like a print, on Society6 they print it, package it and ship it for you, and you get to walk away with I think half or a bit less than half of the sold price. That seems pretty cool to me, considering they do most of the work with your design. I think if I ever get into selling my work, it would be online, or at a coffee shop or something.

After Graduate school I hope to get a job doing art therapy, hopefully at hospital or nursing home or something like that. All I want to do is make art while making people happy, if I can do that, I don't think it really matters where I work. Right now and probably throughout graduate school I will find nanny jobs or other jobs that are unrelated to my major. I would hope to be able to sell art on the side, but I need to develop some more artistic talent for people to actually want to buy my things. Maybe if all else fails I could take pictures of high school senior photos or little kids bat mitzvas for money. And if that doesn't work, I will sell my soul.

I don't think I will be using any of these, like I said, my future is more directed towards art therapy. But if I were to apply to a grant I would maybe apply to the Artist Fellowship Grant: This grant is for 5,000$, and nine 500$ grants are also awarded to the top honorable mentions in each category. Requirements are applicants need to live in Nevada for 12 months prior to application date, have legal resident status, and must be 21. They say you cannot be a "enrolled degree-seeking student", but I won't technically be enrolled much longer. Applications are submitted online, and due dates are April 9th, 2015. Required materials are a copy of your drivers license, artist resume, artist statement, work samples, work sample form, and a signature page which can be downloaded from the website.
I don't think in the next 5 years (or my lifetime really) that I will be doing a residency. But, here is a list of cool residencies all over the world:
And here is a website called Grantspace, which helps people find grants all over the country:

Five-year plan for Flor Widmar

This summer I plan on  working on five pieces to submit to the NCECA national student show in October . Then that fall I plan work on applications for short-term residencies or long term residencies Penlynn school of arts and crafts,Anderson Ranch,Haystack. I plan on graduating May 2015 with an MFA from Snc and that summer working at a low residency to build up my portfolio to then apply graduate school.

The short-term residencies I am applying to at Penland  school of arts and crafts offers 2 short-term residency. The short-term residencies a six month residency where you choose to take all different mediums and the core reddest residency is a concentration in a field for two years. Is located in Asheville Carolina

Anderson ranch offers a ten week residency. This is located in Aspen Colorado

Haystack offers a two week resident. Is located in Maine

Graduate school
The programs that I'm looking to apply to our CU Boulder this program is Close to home I grew up in Boulder and would love to go back and live there. Montana Missoula Julia Galloway is one of the professors there she's a functional Potter .I  have admired her pots for very long time. She is very prestigious in the ceramics world would be a great contact to have and study under. UFO University of Florida The professor there is Linda Arbuckle she is another well known ceramicist in the country she's known for her Mayolica work. She is a great person I've always heard great things about her.I like to study under a functional Potter to finish my concentration in ceramics. Kansas State University this program is one of the top well-known programs for ceramics their students graduating from graduate school there have received honorable mentions at NCECA . They have had  one emerging artist in all the past seven years. This program is pretty much one of the best in the country they have every kind of kennel and the workspace is a lot bigger that you can get any other place. Arizona State University Fesser there is Sam Chong he's a very well-known artist as well and ceramics world he's a functional Potter and he's known for his porcelain work he distorts the form and create something new he uses the wheel as this tool this is very mirable and I love his work. Alfred  University is one of the top leading arts schools in the United States would be an honor to be excepted there if you are a graduate from Alfred University you're basically set for the rest of your life in the ceramic world . There program is interdisciplinary much alike here at SNC .
All of these programs deadline to apply our January 15.

If I do not get in I plan on year often traveling around the world. Coming back and applying again.
Meantime I will teach high school and if it all fails I will end up becoming a high school art teacher in Denver Colorado.

I plan on selling a full dinner were sent to Yoshimi's restaurant 2014

Plan on talking to the Nevada art museum to create a sculpture piece out on their Terrace2015 -2016

NCECA exhibiting 2015

I plan on working with Alleghanney Meadows additive the streamline gallery in selling my work there.2017

Forest Jade Five Year Extravaganza

INTRO (required)

Making a Cool Seven Figures from my own Entrepreneurial ventures.
Performing around the world as a Musician, Production Engineer and Artist
helping my friends and family along the way. Living everyday like vacation traveling from California to New York, Oregon to Maine, Washington State to D.C. and getting away from it all when I need to in Vermont.




Aspirational Venue:
Coachella/Camp Bisco/Summer Camp
"Through my live audio and video performances,  I want to create lasting positive experiences that insight conversation and innovation. "

Moderate to Easily Obtainable Contests:

I want to start making videos for:

More specifically signed up for this one where you can win a free Tesla!


Self Made Millionaire


Sales Platforms:
Website/Social Media Promote Self as:
Production Engineer for audio, video, and photography.
Through: Personal Website, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and Youtube etc.


Create a video, while doing my service learning in Africa
 showcasing my skills as an engineer and producer but also as a musician and artist. 


Crystal Phan - 5 Year Year



I will earning B.F.A. for photography on May 17, 2014. I will move back to my hometown, Orange County after graduation ceremony. I will plan to go to graduate school but not anytime soon or later. I do have my plans to do during summer. In fall and go on months, I will continue to look for secure jobs, internships, and volunteering for general art events. I hope that I can continue to do art stuff for my passion in photography in Southern California.

Year 1
-         -  Graduation awards & ceremony
-          - Move back to Orange County, California
-          - Plans to do during summer
-          - Looking for jobs, internships, and volunteering

Year 2
-          - 9 to 5 job
-          - Internship if possibly
-          - Volunteering as photographer for clean-up event in west coast

Year 3
-          - Continue to be volunteering and do internship
-          - Doing odd jobs for earn money

Year 4
-          - Thinking about graduate school?

Year 5
-          - Celebrate 30th birthday
-          - Apply for graduate school?


I don't plan to go to graduate school anytime soon or later right after graduated with B.F.A. Perhaps in few more years in the future. 


California Arts Council (California only)
-          - Artist Call, Submit, and Contest for competition

RAW Artists
-          - Artworks submit for feature artist or artworks

Art Walks in Orange County, California
-         -  Local art walk (sort of ‘open house’)


I don’t have any confirmed jobs or internships yet. But I will do volunteering as photographer for Clean-Up Community Event in West Coast by September of this year if possibly. For employment, it could be harder for me to find a position due to field in fine art of photography. However, I hope that I could be do more internships and volunteering as soon as possible. 


California Arts Council

Res Artis
-          - Residencies:

5 Year Plan: Morrain


During the next two years, I’d like to finish my undergraduate degree at Sierra Nevada College and then continue on to finish my education. My plans have become somewhat jumbled recently because I just decided to most likely obtain a dual major or possibly an interdisciplinary major in art and psychology with a minor in ODAL. I finally decided that I would rather expand my degree in order to have more job opportunities and also to pursue what I would really like to achieve in life, which is to heal myself and others through art as well as holistic practices. 
My next five years consists solely of expanding my psychology, art, and ayurvedic education as well as my art practice so that I can move towards the development of a wellness center based on education and consultation. I’m planning on building a mental and social foundation that will allow me to begin creating a space for teaching art and herbal workshops and also providing art and adventure therapy and ayurvedic consultations. I recognize that this is going to take a vast amount of capital, networking, and knowledge as well as time to build. This is a goal I’m holding to achieve further in the future than five years, however, these next five years need to be where I build my foundation for achieving this goal. It’s not something simple so for now I’m just taking baby steps which begin with my undergraduate degree in art, psychology, and ODAL and branch off into grad school for art therapy as well as my certification as an ayurvedic practitioner and teacher. Before I can begin to achieve goals far in the future, I must first work on building my skill set and amping up my resume one or two steps at a time. 

Option 1:
2014-2016: Finish undergrad in art, psychology, and outdoor adventure leadership. In the meantime, sell art, do art, and talk to Bree about internship with Holland project. 
2016-2017: Ayurveda certification, including internship in India. Meanwhile, internships and workshops. 
2019: Residencies and apply for grad school

Option 2:
2014-2016: Finish undergrad in art, psychology, and outdoor adventure leadership. In the meantime, sell art, do art, and talk to Bree about internship with Holland project. 
2016: Residencies and internships to amp up grad school applications, apply to grad schools.
2017-2019: Finish graduate school, obtaining a masters in art therapy.
2019-2021: Finish ayurveda practioner and teacher program at the Northwest Institute of Ayurveda, including a 6 month internship in India (I’ve already finished the prerequisite classes). Here’s a link to the program details: During this time, I hope to find an art therapy job in the same area. 

Grad School: 
Although I do plan on attending graduate school to obtain my masters in art therapy, I just decided on this goal extremely recently and am therefore unprepared to go into detail on this subject. I have tried to do research on the subject, however, since my recent knowledge on this subject is so limited at this time, doing so has honestly been discouraging and confusing. I’m not going to bother making a cover letter or finding specific grad schools until I talk to the psychology teacher, Brown, who offers psychology grad school workshops. It would be one thing if I was planning on just pursuing goals in a more generalized subject of therapy but art therapy programs have been more difficult for me to research since I know absolutely nothing about it. Although I would love to have some ideas of which graduate schools I would like to attend, by switching to a dual major, I’ve extended my one senior year at SNC into two more years at SNC and therefore have a little bit more time to think about it. I would rather wait to pick specific graduate schools until I have a better idea of the direction I need to take, otherwise I feel like I’m wasting my time. I plan on giving substantial effort next semester to talking to faculty in order to learn more about art therapy graduate schools and their requirements. 

North Tahoe Arts Center: A non-profit organization aiming to support the arts in the North Tahoe-Truckee communities through exposure, education, and participation. I feel that my art would fit this location because I am a Tahoe artist.  The requirements include being a member of North Tahoe Arts and submitting an application along with two images. Here is a link to the application:
Upstairs Art Gallery: A small cooperatively managed art gallery in Arcata CA made for artists to exhibit their work to the public. There is no application for exhibitions; to request a show, you must contact Mr. Kim at (707)826-9636. 
The Accident Gallery: The premier venue on California’s North Coast to discover emerging and established talent from around the country and around the world. In addition to showcasing guest artists and its member’s work, the gallery also houses the largest collection of local art and art dealers. There’s no application form, it’s one of those places where you just need to go talk to the people. 
College Art Association: I plan on utilizing to find exhibition opportunities to send my work to. 

Employment/self employment/internships: 

Holland Project Internship: The Holland Project is an all-ages arts and music initiative by young people, for young people, in the Truckee Meadows. I spoke to Bree, the woman who created the Holland Project, briefly about an internship after she gave a presentation in my issues of contemporary art class last semester. She said that that could definitely be an option and I’m planning on getting her contact information from Russell. I’m not sure if an internship is realistic while I’m still in school just because of my busy schedule, but I plan on getting together and discussing the options with her, especially since I would love to develop a kind of creative space someday. 
James Butterwick Internship, The Society of London Art Dealers: James Butterwick is an art dealer who runs a gallery in London. I’m in close contact with a good friend of his and would therefore be able to come in contact with him easily. 
The Ink People Internship or volunteer work: “The Ink People changes lives by connecting the community with resources for cultural development. We encourage people to exercise their humanity, build civic discourse and engage in their creative potential.” Here’s a link to their volunteer form:

Grants/residencies/sales platforms: 

I plan on looking into residencies on when the time comes. 
I.V. Coffee Lab: A coffee shop in Incline Village that hangs and sells work of local artists. Once I make some prints, I’m going to talk to them about hanging some of my work and having small prints available to sell. 
Roll on the Mattole: A small music and arts and crafts fair in Petrolia CA based as a benefit for the local volunteer fire department. I’ve been going to this event since I was born, I’ve known almost everyone who goes to it since I was a kid so I would likely be able to make quite a few sales. 
Etsy:, I’ve had an etsy account for quite some time and I finally plan on actually using it, especially since I also make a lot of jewelry as well as herbal supplies. 
Website:, I’m going to make prints over the summer and/or next semester so I can add an area to my website for selling prints. I also finally made business cards, so hopefully that will help.