Thursday, October 20, 2011

Due Tuesday (10/25): Transcript of Interview

At the beginning of Tuesday's class, you need to have the transcript of your interview completed. Have a hard copy ready to turn in. It doesn't have to be the full transcript of the interview -- you can concentrate on what you think the most interesting or pertinent sections of the interview were -- but have a minimum of five paragraphs of your interviewee's answers typed out. Each person is responsible for transcribing the interview they conducted -- ie., you're typing up the interview as the interviewer, not as the interviewee.

Sam and Brett -- since you weren't in class today, I'm going to have you interview each other, rather than the person you were originally paired with. Please have you interview done and transcript completed by Tuesday.

Also, those of you who have been lame in updating your blogs -- pick up the slack.

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