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INTRO (required)

Overview – where would you like to be, and what would you like to be doing, in 5 years? And what do you need to do to get there? (1-2 paragraphs)

GRADUATE SCHOOL (optional - only if you are intending to apply for graduate school)

Which ones seem attractive to you, and why? Which ones seem to connect to your media/practice? If you are planning to teach, which ones have good teaching opportunities? Are some schools attractive because of their location, the faculty who work there, or the institutions they are attached to? ARe some attractive because of the scholarships that are available?

List at least three graduate schools – one "aspirational," and two that seem squarely in your reach. Explain your reasons for your interest in each school, and list the materials needed for application, the deadline for the submission of an application, and who the application should be sent to. Do you have everything you need on hand for your portfolio and application – if not, what holes do you need to fill, and what work do you need to develop? Identify one or two faculty from each school who you'd like to reach out to, to learn more about the program. Why did you pick the faculty you chose?

Please draft up a "letter of intent" or "cover letter" for your application.


List at least three places you would like to show your work in the next three years. Again, at least one venue should be "aspirational." Venues can include galleries, museums, coffee shops, websites, film/video/performance/art festivals, clubs, public spaces, shops, etc. Contests may be attached to a venue, or they may not. How will you connect with a wider audience?

Please list the venues, explain in a sentence or two why you want to show there and why you'd make a good fit for their aesthetic. List out the requirements for application/entry, who it must be submitted to, and any deadlines, if applicable.

Please draft up a "cover letter" for your application.

You can see a handful of venues identified by students from 2 years ago, here:


What are your plans for employment - and what do you need to do to land your desired gig? Please identify where you would like to work, in what industry – what would be the best places to land an internship or job? Please write a short paragraph on each workplace, explaining why you think you'd make a good fit, and what sorts of skills you'd hope to learn. 

Please draft up a "cover letter" for your application if you are planning to work for/intern for someone else.

If you are planning on starting your own business, please draft up a one-page business plan. What sort of capital do you need to raise to start your business? Where will you get the money from?


Please identify two options including grants, residencies, or sales platforms (online or on the ground – from to art fairs) that you think you would qualify for. In the case of the grants and residencies, please write a sentence explaining why you think they would be a good fit, what the necessary application materials are, who they are sent to, and any deadlines, if applicable.

As Nevadans, this would be a good place to start for grants:

Please draft up a "cover letter" for your application in the case of a grant or residency – in the case of a sales platform, please list out the things you need to have in order to participate in that venue.

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