Friday, December 9, 2011

5 year plan

1 year from now:
I plan on living in either the OC (bc its only an hour away from my parents) or if they move to Arizona by the time i graduate then i plan on moving there.
In that time I'm going to decide if i should go to grad school at ASU or not
2 years from now:
working at some sort of magazine or branch of a clothing brand company - helping with advertisements, hopefully past the stage of interning & exploring - instead getting my portfolio together for an art director position
3 years from now:
hopefully getting married - may have to relocate to where my husband is stationed (army) fingers crossed for NY. which has some of the most opportunities for art directors for major magazines, labels, and companies such as Conde Nast.
4 years from now:
a good, working, and ever expanding portfolio - applying for bigger position jobs
maybe after settling down at this point, able to produce personal art work and apply for gallery spaces
5 years from now:
I'll be 27 years old, with a family, located in some sort of busy city (no rural area please)
with a 9-5 job at some sort of fashion inspired corporate place
plans for the future? kids, a home, creating and working on my own line, casting director, free lance photographer, regularly keeping a blog, discover different religions, travel, and live.

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