Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sam Shear - New 5Year Plan

Sam Shear
5 Year Plan

Year 1.
Achieve my BFA from Sierra Nevada College
Start to create a resume for myself along with a nice portfolio, full of work
Continue to pump out work (working with wax, ceramics, and other materials)
Submit work to local galleries 
-Sierra Nevada College Gallery- Incline Village, Nv.
-The Hobson Gallery- Reno, Nv.
- Riverside Studios- Truckee, Ca.
- Others
Year 2.
Start to work towards a MFA either from Sierra Nevada College or other
Expand upon my ideas... ten folds 
Continue to work with wax and other materials
Continue to submit work to local galleries

Year 3.
Work with wax and the traveler until i feel i have exhausted the idea (anytime)
The traveler candle is in some type of production mode (and selling like hot cakes) from off the website
Continue to submit work to local and nationwide galleries 

Year 4.
Start to put my foot in to the artist door (larger galleries and a name for myself)
Continue to sell wax candle figure (side money)
Creating larger (more intricate work) and better piece of work
Continue to work with more materials (wood, metal, ect.) to keep my feet in the water

Year 5.
Pick up a job for support 
Move out to Galena IL. (second home)
Create my own workshop
Set up large kiln
Have a great supplier for all wax needs
Work, Work, Work 
Submit work to local galleries all around Galena IL. a total of  
Become famous..
Never Forget Sierra Nevada College*

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