Friday, August 19, 2016

Welcome – Fall 2016 Class

By Monday's class, you will need to make a post to this blog (which you will be contributing to over the course of the semester, tracking your progress as you work toward MAPR or your BFA show). You need to have at least one post on the blog, answering the following three questions:

1. Why do you make art?

2. What is the function or role of an artist in today's culture? (This is your personal take on this, it doesn't have to be an "objective" or comprehensive analysis)

3. Who are three working artists you can think of, who you might contact to interview about their professional lives? You will only be contacting one, but I want you to have a couple fallback options if your first couple choices end up being unavailable.

ALSO: PLEASE ASSEMBLE A POWERPOINT OR A FOLDER OF IMAGES OF YOUR RECENT WORK. We'll begin giving presentations of our current work, and floating ideas about your coming exhibitions, starting next class. Have at least three words that give you a container for thinking about/talking about your work – the don't have to be "fancy" words, they could be like some of the words Murgida uses, below – PRESSURE – MANIPULATION – SAFETY. Also, have at least one example of an artist who has influenced you, with an example of their work that you can show.

Here is a video we'll watch today:

We may also listen to this interview with Maurice Sendak:

Transcript here:

If you'd like a copy of the syllabus, you can find it here:

FNAR 380:

FNAR 482:

And if you'd like a digital copy of today's handout, "Ways of Being a Working Artist," you can download it here:

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