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annie mac 5-year plan

AnnieMac 5-YEAR PLAN

INTRO (required)
This year:
Graduate SNC with a Bachelor in Fine Arts, Concentration in Digital Media
Move w Yan Northwest in December after my last semester and BFA show
Come back and walk like a boss for graduation in May
Land job in northwest area using at least one aspect of my art – graphics,photo, anything! OR…start                applying for grad school because Annie can’t get a job
Get a Golden Retriever and a Boston Terrier
Never stop expanding my art practice

Five years from now:
I would like to be somewhere where it snows in five years.
I want a job that allows me the flexibility and finance to travel.
I want to be working doing the things I have learned while I’ve been here at SNC and the things I love.
I would like to be contributing to and working in the fashion industry, whether it is involved with snowboarding or not.
                  I think there is such a wide variety of what I can do as an artist. High aspirations for high fashion       and runway always cause stars in my eyes.
                  My little dream to be a major player in the fashion industry will drive much of what I do.

I hope to work with photo, video, and apparel production.
I want to have a fully functioning and successful apparel company and it may even stay as simple as just hoods and mittens with the possibility of incorporating hoodies.
I would be okay with it being a small boutique line.
                  I need to finalize and perfect my patterns and find some good textile sources to work with.

I also am very interested in participating in some shows and submitting my work to galleries.
I want to see what happens with the big little guys I will make for my BFA but they are so foreign to me at this point that I can’t place them somewhere five years from now.
I just know that I want to be participating in the fine art and fashion community.

I have also seen myself working with a few companies as a graphic designer or art/content contributor.
The things that comes to mind when I think of what I need to do this is:
                  Successfully branding myself

As of now, I see myself still living on the west coast of the US but there is a very real possibility of moving over seas by that time as well since my family is overseas.
                  Having dual citizenship, I have the opportunity to live and work anywhere in Western Europe with      ease so it has always been an option that hangs out in the back of my head.

I expect to do a lot of traveling in the next five years.

I would like to be a visual artist/designer with the ability and option to work with a lot of different mediums, using mostly the favorites I listed above.

GRADUATE SCHOOL (optional - only if you are intending to apply for graduate school)
I have thought of grad school quite a bit and actually looked into University of British Columbia in Vancouver.                  I will be visiting the school in the next year and have spoken with a few people over there as well.   However, the cost is major player in what I decide to do because having spent the past five years at                  SNC scraping by financially, I just don’t know if I can do it for another two to four years.

The grad school idea is benched until I have room in my head to consider it again.

In the next three years I will have shows at bars and coffee shops and wherever I can get my work into.
I plan on entering everything I can, submitting to everything I can.
                  I haven’t so far because I just haven’t felt like Ive had a body of work that was worthy to be making a fuss about – which is definitely a thought that I hope to kick in the next month…I know its                  happening, I think differently about my work already and feel better about it whenever I create.

                  Coffee Bar, Truckee
                  Northwest venues
                  Overseas submissions

I think the work I submit to shows will be varying from photos/stop-motion edits, little guys/big guys, and apparel.
                  At least that is what I see for now.
                  I hold atmosphere very close to my work and it is a huge part, if not the most important part, of my    work so I will hold the shows where I will be able to create the atmosphere I am going for.

I’d like to do be doing some fashion photography and I have high hopes to have my photography and apparel to be featured on blogs like FreePeople and be working with a fashion magazine as a photographer/contributer.

One thing I know I need to be more active with starting immediately is submitting my work to anything and everything. I have to build an audience for my work.

My plan for employment starting after college is to apply to anything and everything, only allowing location to restrict me and even then the radius will be large: west coast for now.
I would like to be working in the industry I have come to accustom to living in: snow sports. I would be nice to get a job within that realm as I feel I am most familiar with that sort of content and style. However, the little guys have shown me there is this whole other direction I could go…but I am just not sure about it yet. Style is something I want to work with and the style I like exists in the snowboard industry; apparel-wise, photo, vibe, etc.
Jobs I have thought about are:
                  apparel production – which would be self-employed so I would need to have another source of income that also allows me the time.
                  Fashion photographer – duh.
                  Graphic design – for any company really. The work may be boring but I see a job like this as a good source of income with good flexibility.

Anderson Ranch – Norway, mexico, france

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