Saturday, May 10, 2014

Crystal Phan - 5 Year Year



I will earning B.F.A. for photography on May 17, 2014. I will move back to my hometown, Orange County after graduation ceremony. I will plan to go to graduate school but not anytime soon or later. I do have my plans to do during summer. In fall and go on months, I will continue to look for secure jobs, internships, and volunteering for general art events. I hope that I can continue to do art stuff for my passion in photography in Southern California.

Year 1
-         -  Graduation awards & ceremony
-          - Move back to Orange County, California
-          - Plans to do during summer
-          - Looking for jobs, internships, and volunteering

Year 2
-          - 9 to 5 job
-          - Internship if possibly
-          - Volunteering as photographer for clean-up event in west coast

Year 3
-          - Continue to be volunteering and do internship
-          - Doing odd jobs for earn money

Year 4
-          - Thinking about graduate school?

Year 5
-          - Celebrate 30th birthday
-          - Apply for graduate school?


I don't plan to go to graduate school anytime soon or later right after graduated with B.F.A. Perhaps in few more years in the future. 


California Arts Council (California only)
-          - Artist Call, Submit, and Contest for competition

RAW Artists
-          - Artworks submit for feature artist or artworks

Art Walks in Orange County, California
-         -  Local art walk (sort of ‘open house’)


I don’t have any confirmed jobs or internships yet. But I will do volunteering as photographer for Clean-Up Community Event in West Coast by September of this year if possibly. For employment, it could be harder for me to find a position due to field in fine art of photography. However, I hope that I could be do more internships and volunteering as soon as possible. 


California Arts Council

Res Artis
-          - Residencies:

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