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Claire Bagg 5 Year Plan


For the first part of my five year plan I want to finish up school at Sierra Nevada College in the Spring 2015 with a B.F.A. After my final year of school I plan to actually go and travel for a year around Europe and possibly parts of India and Asia. While traveling is a personal want in my life, I also plan on showcasing my work in different areas through RAW artists and other places if possible. Traveling for this year will also give me the time and opportunity to build my travel portfolio hopefully to help me land my dream job of working as a travel photographer, wether it be with a magazine or freelance. 
I have always had an interest in different cultures and countries and for the longest time now have been thinking of ways that I can visit these places but also find a way to help out people that are less fortunate than we are. In this 5 year plan I have decided to apply for the Peace Corp, which is a two year volunteer teaching program in third world countries giving me the ability to travel and help people in these countries. The grant that I have found with National Geographic’s would hopefully be able to help me through these two years of volunteering. 
I have also thought strongly about after traveling to places that I want to see going back to Japan to teach Art and English with a company called, JET. I have always had a strong desire to travel and have done several different teaching assistant jobs throughout high school and college. While I do feel this is a bit off the path of where I want to be going in my art career I feel that it would be a great experience as well as a learning opportunity for me, allowing me to learn more about a culture, teaching and by teaching hopefully allowing me to better my craft as an artist. 

May 2014 - May 2015 
Finish school at Sierra Nevada College spring of 2015, with a B.F.A. 

May 2015- May 2016
Traveling around Europe, showcase my work in London as well as visiting other places. 

May 2016- 2017
Peace Corps (2 Year Program)

May 2017- 2018
Peace Corps (2 Year Program)

May 2018- 2019
Teach Art and English in Japan (JET). 


1. RAW: London UK
I have always been interested in the art that comes out of England and have always wanted to travel there to see work and
show my work. While I want to travel all over the place, the reason I chose London as a venue is because I have places to
 stay. Throughout the past few years there as been a lot of photographers that create surrealism pieces and I have been so
 inspired by these photographers such as Rosie Hardy.  
- Requirements:
- I have to submit my work to the director of RAW in London, get my work approved and accepted. After being
accepted, hopefully, into the showcase I have to get all my work together and travel to London for the showcasing where
 I will set up and present my work. 

2. North Tahoe Arts Center
North Tahoe Arts is a non-profit organization that supports the arts in the Tahoe communities through exposure, education
 and participation. I feel that my work, being a Tahoe artist, would fit the environment of the galleries.
- In order to apply for this gallery you have to be a current member of North Tahoe Arts (un-less the show is open to 
 non-members). Work much be professionally presented and hung. Each artist must provide an inventory list of NTA
 including: title, medium, size and price. Also you must fill out the application form:

3. 49 Geary Art Gallery
49 Geary is a 4 story small independent galleries, housing amazing works of painting, sculpture and photography. These
works range from fine arts to contemporary art work. This gallery has a modern vibe featuring an array of different works bydifferent artist, offering wine and snacks in each gallery setting. 
- After some research I am still a little bit unaware of how to go about submitting work in this gallery however I feel that     
 it can be done so through consolations. 

4. Peace Corps 
The Peace Corps process for application is very long and you usually don’t hear back for seven to twelve months. It has
 always been an interested of mine to not only learn about different cultures but to somehow help out people are less fortunate
than we are. 
- First you have to fill out an application, then an interview and then you get an invitation to become part of Peach Corps
or you don’t. 

5. JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching Program)
The Japan Exchange and Teaching Program seeks to help enhance internationalization in Japan by promoting mutual
 understanding between Japan and other nations. The program also aims to improve foreign language education in Japan and
 to encourage international exchange at the local level by fostering ties between Japanese youth and foreign youth. First year
 receives $32,800 a year. 
- Requirements:
- Requirements for eligibility include things such as begin a United States Citizen as well as having a desire to deepen
    knowledge in Japanese cultures. There is a short list of about 7 things that disqualify a person from the JET program. 


For a long time now I have wanted to work as a travel photography. I am not sure what company I would exactly like to work for but have always wanted to travel and make money off of images I take while doing so. I have looked at a few internships in the past, such as a photographic internship with National Geographic but just have not found the right one who wants to accept me. 
Throughout the years I have done different gigs such as shooting some snowboard equipment for some friends starting their own businesses. Recently I have been talking to one of the students that works as a writer for a rock climbing magazine and am going to begin taking photographs for him which I feel will help me get into working with magazines. But as of now I just know what I would like do and I am still in the process of looking for a job that will help me do all these things I am interested in achieving. 


Sale Platforms
1. RAW Artists 
-I plan on continuing to show my work at different RAW showcases around the United States and possibly at their other
   venues around the world. While showing my work at these showcases I also have the opportunity to sell my work and
   make 100% profit by doing this. 
- In order to participate in this sale venue, I must have my own work ready to present & get accepted into the
location by the director of the show. 

2. Adorn 
- Adorn is a pop up boutique created to show the perfect gifts and home accents. Each pop up boutique, about 3 a year,
   shows different unique items from home decor to self decor.
- It just so happens that Karin Mason is my aunt, and in the past year she has been to my showcases and heard me
    talk about my work and has watched it grow from and idea to somewhat of reality and has chosen me as one of the
    showing artists beginning this May. I will get commission on anything that sells, and they will also get a percentage. 

1. Young Explorers Grants (YEG)
- The Young Explorers Grants Program supports a variety of projects. In addition to offering opportunities to exploration
                        related projects with National Geographic's existing grant programs (the Committee for Research and Exploration
                       (CRE), the Expeditions Council (EC), and the Conservation Trust (CT)..) the YEG program has recently teamed with the
                       LUCE Foundation to provide increased funding opportunities for  fieldwork in 18 Northeast and Southeast Asian
- Applying for a Young Explorers Grant is a two-step process.
   First, you must submit a pre-application form online. If your pre-application is approved, you will be sent an email
    with a link and a password giving you access to our full application online.

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