Saturday, May 10, 2014

Hailey M. Kreis 5 Year Plan

5 Year Plan

After I graduate at Sierra Nevada College in December 2014 I hope to have my wedding photography business as well as the graphic design business I’m starting to be up and running in full force.  During the next five years I want to travel, explore, and document my times. I plan on moving to the North West within the next year and having my photography business be based from somewhere in Washington, most likely in Bellingham.  

Graduate School-No


The places I would like to show my work would be…
Magazines-Sports Oriented/Lifestyle
Bridal Websites/Magazines- Photos
Terry Sports Steamboat Springs, Co- Sports Photographs 


Own My Photography/Design Business
Freelance Work
No Internships
Make Money


20 Top Artist Residencies

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