Saturday, May 10, 2014

5 Year Plan: Morrain


During the next two years, I’d like to finish my undergraduate degree at Sierra Nevada College and then continue on to finish my education. My plans have become somewhat jumbled recently because I just decided to most likely obtain a dual major or possibly an interdisciplinary major in art and psychology with a minor in ODAL. I finally decided that I would rather expand my degree in order to have more job opportunities and also to pursue what I would really like to achieve in life, which is to heal myself and others through art as well as holistic practices. 
My next five years consists solely of expanding my psychology, art, and ayurvedic education as well as my art practice so that I can move towards the development of a wellness center based on education and consultation. I’m planning on building a mental and social foundation that will allow me to begin creating a space for teaching art and herbal workshops and also providing art and adventure therapy and ayurvedic consultations. I recognize that this is going to take a vast amount of capital, networking, and knowledge as well as time to build. This is a goal I’m holding to achieve further in the future than five years, however, these next five years need to be where I build my foundation for achieving this goal. It’s not something simple so for now I’m just taking baby steps which begin with my undergraduate degree in art, psychology, and ODAL and branch off into grad school for art therapy as well as my certification as an ayurvedic practitioner and teacher. Before I can begin to achieve goals far in the future, I must first work on building my skill set and amping up my resume one or two steps at a time. 

Option 1:
2014-2016: Finish undergrad in art, psychology, and outdoor adventure leadership. In the meantime, sell art, do art, and talk to Bree about internship with Holland project. 
2016-2017: Ayurveda certification, including internship in India. Meanwhile, internships and workshops. 
2019: Residencies and apply for grad school

Option 2:
2014-2016: Finish undergrad in art, psychology, and outdoor adventure leadership. In the meantime, sell art, do art, and talk to Bree about internship with Holland project. 
2016: Residencies and internships to amp up grad school applications, apply to grad schools.
2017-2019: Finish graduate school, obtaining a masters in art therapy.
2019-2021: Finish ayurveda practioner and teacher program at the Northwest Institute of Ayurveda, including a 6 month internship in India (I’ve already finished the prerequisite classes). Here’s a link to the program details: During this time, I hope to find an art therapy job in the same area. 

Grad School: 
Although I do plan on attending graduate school to obtain my masters in art therapy, I just decided on this goal extremely recently and am therefore unprepared to go into detail on this subject. I have tried to do research on the subject, however, since my recent knowledge on this subject is so limited at this time, doing so has honestly been discouraging and confusing. I’m not going to bother making a cover letter or finding specific grad schools until I talk to the psychology teacher, Brown, who offers psychology grad school workshops. It would be one thing if I was planning on just pursuing goals in a more generalized subject of therapy but art therapy programs have been more difficult for me to research since I know absolutely nothing about it. Although I would love to have some ideas of which graduate schools I would like to attend, by switching to a dual major, I’ve extended my one senior year at SNC into two more years at SNC and therefore have a little bit more time to think about it. I would rather wait to pick specific graduate schools until I have a better idea of the direction I need to take, otherwise I feel like I’m wasting my time. I plan on giving substantial effort next semester to talking to faculty in order to learn more about art therapy graduate schools and their requirements. 

North Tahoe Arts Center: A non-profit organization aiming to support the arts in the North Tahoe-Truckee communities through exposure, education, and participation. I feel that my art would fit this location because I am a Tahoe artist.  The requirements include being a member of North Tahoe Arts and submitting an application along with two images. Here is a link to the application:
Upstairs Art Gallery: A small cooperatively managed art gallery in Arcata CA made for artists to exhibit their work to the public. There is no application for exhibitions; to request a show, you must contact Mr. Kim at (707)826-9636. 
The Accident Gallery: The premier venue on California’s North Coast to discover emerging and established talent from around the country and around the world. In addition to showcasing guest artists and its member’s work, the gallery also houses the largest collection of local art and art dealers. There’s no application form, it’s one of those places where you just need to go talk to the people. 
College Art Association: I plan on utilizing to find exhibition opportunities to send my work to. 

Employment/self employment/internships: 

Holland Project Internship: The Holland Project is an all-ages arts and music initiative by young people, for young people, in the Truckee Meadows. I spoke to Bree, the woman who created the Holland Project, briefly about an internship after she gave a presentation in my issues of contemporary art class last semester. She said that that could definitely be an option and I’m planning on getting her contact information from Russell. I’m not sure if an internship is realistic while I’m still in school just because of my busy schedule, but I plan on getting together and discussing the options with her, especially since I would love to develop a kind of creative space someday. 
James Butterwick Internship, The Society of London Art Dealers: James Butterwick is an art dealer who runs a gallery in London. I’m in close contact with a good friend of his and would therefore be able to come in contact with him easily. 
The Ink People Internship or volunteer work: “The Ink People changes lives by connecting the community with resources for cultural development. We encourage people to exercise their humanity, build civic discourse and engage in their creative potential.” Here’s a link to their volunteer form:

Grants/residencies/sales platforms: 

I plan on looking into residencies on when the time comes. 
I.V. Coffee Lab: A coffee shop in Incline Village that hangs and sells work of local artists. Once I make some prints, I’m going to talk to them about hanging some of my work and having small prints available to sell. 
Roll on the Mattole: A small music and arts and crafts fair in Petrolia CA based as a benefit for the local volunteer fire department. I’ve been going to this event since I was born, I’ve known almost everyone who goes to it since I was a kid so I would likely be able to make quite a few sales. 
Etsy:, I’ve had an etsy account for quite some time and I finally plan on actually using it, especially since I also make a lot of jewelry as well as herbal supplies. 
Website:, I’m going to make prints over the summer and/or next semester so I can add an area to my website for selling prints. I also finally made business cards, so hopefully that will help.   

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