Saturday, May 10, 2014

Five-year plan for Flor Widmar

This summer I plan on  working on five pieces to submit to the NCECA national student show in October . Then that fall I plan work on applications for short-term residencies or long term residencies Penlynn school of arts and crafts,Anderson Ranch,Haystack. I plan on graduating May 2015 with an MFA from Snc and that summer working at a low residency to build up my portfolio to then apply graduate school.

The short-term residencies I am applying to at Penland  school of arts and crafts offers 2 short-term residency. The short-term residencies a six month residency where you choose to take all different mediums and the core reddest residency is a concentration in a field for two years. Is located in Asheville Carolina

Anderson ranch offers a ten week residency. This is located in Aspen Colorado

Haystack offers a two week resident. Is located in Maine

Graduate school
The programs that I'm looking to apply to our CU Boulder this program is Close to home I grew up in Boulder and would love to go back and live there. Montana Missoula Julia Galloway is one of the professors there she's a functional Potter .I  have admired her pots for very long time. She is very prestigious in the ceramics world would be a great contact to have and study under. UFO University of Florida The professor there is Linda Arbuckle she is another well known ceramicist in the country she's known for her Mayolica work. She is a great person I've always heard great things about her.I like to study under a functional Potter to finish my concentration in ceramics. Kansas State University this program is one of the top well-known programs for ceramics their students graduating from graduate school there have received honorable mentions at NCECA . They have had  one emerging artist in all the past seven years. This program is pretty much one of the best in the country they have every kind of kennel and the workspace is a lot bigger that you can get any other place. Arizona State University Fesser there is Sam Chong he's a very well-known artist as well and ceramics world he's a functional Potter and he's known for his porcelain work he distorts the form and create something new he uses the wheel as this tool this is very mirable and I love his work. Alfred  University is one of the top leading arts schools in the United States would be an honor to be excepted there if you are a graduate from Alfred University you're basically set for the rest of your life in the ceramic world . There program is interdisciplinary much alike here at SNC .
All of these programs deadline to apply our January 15.

If I do not get in I plan on year often traveling around the world. Coming back and applying again.
Meantime I will teach high school and if it all fails I will end up becoming a high school art teacher in Denver Colorado.

I plan on selling a full dinner were sent to Yoshimi's restaurant 2014

Plan on talking to the Nevada art museum to create a sculpture piece out on their Terrace2015 -2016

NCECA exhibiting 2015

I plan on working with Alleghanney Meadows additive the streamline gallery in selling my work there.2017

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