Thursday, September 22, 2011

7 Week Stretch...

7 week Schedule for JAPR (Wax Traveler and Prints)

Week 1
Keep collecting bits and pieces for dollhouse. Should be receiving box from grandma of old dollhouse parts

Week 2
Idea has changed and the new project forms (wax, molds, dollhouse parts, prints)
Create 2nd mold for traveler. 

Week 3
All wax cut down and ready for melt
set up molds and dollhouse pieces and get ready to poor 

Week 4
Finish first 25 travelers
buy more wax

Week 5
choose colors for prints
Work on prints (3x)
finish prints
wax comes in

Week 6
frame all prints 
finish last 25 travelers

Week 7
Wrap up
pre- assemble for JAPR (get comments and questions from others)
Set up for JAPR

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