Thursday, September 22, 2011


* kiln sign up coming soon!

Week 1. Sept. 19th -25th

Figure out what my concept really is. Also start making full sized women. Figure out what the rest of the installation will be

Week 2. Sept. 26th-Oct.2nd

Shoot and edit video, and find a sensible way to project it. Keep making full sized women. Also start on the installation.

Week 3. Oct.3rd-9th

Still making women and Start think about pedestals or a different way to show women.

Week 4. Oct. 10th-16th

Bisque women and plan out glazing and installation

Week 5. Oct. 17th-23rd

Glaze women, plan talking points,

Week 6. Oct. 24th-30th

Obtain projector. Install in hallway. Find the perfect outfit.

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