Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Line of time....

week one
print 3x3 images of dead birds and hands (reference)
work on large panel crows
scratchboard crows 
week two
set of crow imagery- flying, on telephone wires (layered/ blue black), printmaking relief crows (wings), 2 large scale crows, scratchboard crows
photo-  correcting mutton birds from development error
print mutton birds/ hospice (large format?)  
week three
sketch of ferry seats roughed out ; block in 
week four
set of small black and whites of shadow pics/ space and light for reference
(3x3? 4x4? 3x4?)   ‘Between Spaces’ 
 week five
find a telephone pole and wires
imagery for mail out cards….
 week six
design mail out cards (Lexi/ Thomas collaboration)
week 7
order mail out cards?
week 8
week 9
mail out cards, facebook (?), posters (?) etc…
 week 10
finalize food/ bartender
put together images and talk- power point
 week 11
to gallery- artist statement, CD of works
week 12
Help Lexi get the heck outta the space ...
install show ! *(oh my)

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