Thursday, September 29, 2011


1. Participation- I can see people at an art opening stepping up to the plate and voting- there is a comfort level at an art opening that allows for interaction. What about 'drop off' locations?  Are you ok with people merely viewing the that enough?
2. Demographics- why no Northwestern States...Montana, Dakotas etc?
3. Why are you packing up the sign between cities. Why not have it moving across the country on the back of a truck so it is visible constantly?
 4.You say that past work has been in 'international news,tv,print and online' and that you have advanced to a point where you are turning down opportunities. You probably have a strong network and great exposure already so why Kickstarter?
5.Once you post on Kickstarter...what then? You tweet, facebook, blog and email directing followers and network  to site and then wait for rolling stone effect?
6. Ditto to Kristy's #2 question
7. Do you have a diologue that goes beyond 2012 ?
8. Are you positive toward the future of the arts in the USA. Do you think there will the imbalance will shift again?

Rory Coyne 'Hare Cut'

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