Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Schedule JAPR

SUGAr COaTEd aka college with candy coating, it's what your grandma wants to think your doing, but knows what your really doing

Week 1
*Start gathering photos already taken for "Appropriation"
*keep researching and taking more photos of subjects

week 2
*Start creating pieces from source material already gathered
*Start 1st and 2nd piece
*continue to amass more photos and source material

WEeK 3
*complete 1st & 2nd piece
*start work on 3rd & 4th piece
*continue to amass more photos and source material

wEEk 4
*have 3rd & 4th pieces completed
*start work on pieces 5-6
*maybe start to interview some students about experiences at college(fun side/academic side)+MAYBE even create mock interviews
*Start getting an idea of the sizes of the prints and their placement among each other in a gallery setting

weEK 5
*have all pieces complete(time to complete and size of the pieces amount completed can change)
* Revisions
*Figure out how to incorporate interviews into the JAPR(maybe actual audio,written txt,etc.)

WeEEEkkkk 6
*be near to completion with revisions
*have student interview realized for incorporation in JAPR
*have the size and arrangement of pieces finalized
*starting printing any print that don't need revision

wwWWeeeEEEeEeeK 7
*have all pieces finalized/printed
*have interviews with pieces ready for incorporation in JAPR
*have the whole body of work ready for gallery show

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