Monday, September 26, 2011

Assignment for Thursday (9/29)

On Thursday's class, we'll have a Kickstarter day. Before that class, I want you to do a few things:

1. Go to, and look at their summary of how to start a project here.

2. Look at Steve Lambert's project "Make Capitalism Work For Me," here. Make sure to check out the "updates" tab in addition to the main page. Steve will be Skyping in to the class on Thursday.

3. Read the handout I provided, which is an interview with Steve about Kickstarter that hasn't been published yet. He has some interesting things to say about the Kickstarter funding model in relation to other arts funding infrastructures.

4. On this class blog, post at least three intelligent questions for Steve. They can be about his experience working with Kickstarter, specific questions about the "Capitalism" project itself, or more general questions about arts funding raised by his interview.

5. Look through Kickstarter to find a project that seems similar in scale and format to a project you could potentially launch on Kickstarter, and post a link to that project on the class blog.

1 comment:

  1. 1. Does your art fully fund you? If not, what else do you do to make money?
    2. You say that you're "not concerned about the quality or types of projects supported with this funding model." Do you think that there needs to be/ or should be a kind of filter, or do you think that will be taken care of on its own?
    3. What is the next project you want to work on and potentially put up on kickstarter?