Thursday, September 22, 2011

Things to Listen to and Do Before Tuesday's class

For Tuesday, come prepared to show and talk about your JAPR/BFA work-in-progress. Also, per our discussion in class, bring a list of three venues (galleries, juried shows, etc.) where you could potentially show (and sell) your work. Two should be places you realistically think could show work in the near term -- the next 6 months or so -- and one should be more "aspirational" -- maybe you don't yet have the portfolio and track record to set up a show now, but it's a place where you'd like your work to end up. Do research to find venues that you work would be a good fit with, and figure out who the contact person for that space/event would be. If galleries are not your target venue, then pick a publication, contest, or some other place where your work would find exposure to an audience, where that audience would have an opportunity to actually purchase your work.

For those of you who had to leave for the Art History class, or who missed today's class, please watch the following Lucas Murgida video, and the new Maurice Sendak interview.

Listen to the Sendak interview here.


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  2. Matt Mattson
    3 Possible Venues
    l Burning Man - Black Rock City/ Black Rock Dessert
    l Timless Sculptures - 5100 S. Carson Street, Carson City, Nv
    l Local Events - Candy Dance- Genoa, Nv
    Rib Cook Off- Victorian Ave Reno, Nv
    Street Vibrations- Reno/Sparks, Nv