Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Due this Thursday: Writing and Presentation on your Artist Interview

Next class, come with an edited, typed transcript of your artist interview. You don't have to transcribe the whole thing -- focus on the parts that were most pertinent to you. Somewhere between 5-12 paragraphs would be a good target. You don't have to paraphrase your interviewee -- just lift the 5-12 paragraphs, more or less verbatim, that you want (you can also include your questions, but don't count them in the 5-12 paragraph count). You'll present your interview to the class on Thurs.

Also, a note: continue with your once-weekly (minimum) blog posts on your art blog. Write at least one paragraph about the images/links etc. your are posting this week.

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  1. matt mattson
    Artist Interview - Mathew Welter

    l were here to talk about MONEY, the market place the big mean nasty snarling beast out there. It says "Ohhh he wants to do art for art sake, isnt that nice. No you have to do what i say because im the market place." Every artist would love to do that. Michelangelo for example thought he was selling out when he did the sistene chapel.
    l What are you doing for a living? you have to keep working, even through this recession. And sometimes you have to "sell" out to keep alive but you should never give up everything for the dollar. Always do what you love everyday. your freedom is your most powerfull tool you posses. You just gotta keep working no matter what.
    l So whats the most important thing to do after you get out of college? Get out there and do somthing. desnt matter what. just keep working. I find when i dont have alot of work i make the best comtemporary works. You just have to survive. I make 2 types of works ones that i make and then sell and ones that i sell and then make. THe ones i make and then sell are things like eagles, bears, and such. But the ones i sell and then make are the ones i have fun with.
    l If you had to say one thing that you should do to be successfull what would it be?
    Like i said earlier keep working and get out there. Make connections with your local art community. It can be mush more influencial than you think. Like out here we have burning man, One of the most influencial events in the world. If you live here you should deffinelty be using burning man to show your art.