Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lexy's BFA timeline

Week 1: Move room studio to actual studio. Find chairs, frames, bed, and all other supplies. Finish letter stencils. Make lipstick multiples [in sculpture].

Week 2: Organize reception. Repair [if needed] chairs and frames. Begin printing poems on objects. Experiment on gallery floor. Take photos.

Week 3: Edit photos. Continue printing poems.

Week 4: Finish lace balloons and lipstick multiples. Break bottles. Continue printing poems.

Week 5: Do press release and distribution list. Committee meeting [Oct. 19th]. Finish and paint lipstick multiples. Bottle experiments. 

Week 6: Make and order cards. Continue printing poems.

Week 7: Mail cards. Continue printing poems. Start framing and set-up.

Week 8: Choose lettering for show. Continue printing poems. Start documentation, presentation, and artist statement.

Week 9: Finalize presentation materials and food/drink. Finish framing.

Week 10: Finalize artist statement and labels. Start installation [Nov. 26th].

Week 11: SHOW! DECEMBER 1st!

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