Thursday, September 22, 2011

Matt Mattsons Japr Timeline

Week 1. Sept. 19th -25th
Keep making pieces that I have a good I idea for and form new ideas for more pieces.
Week 2. Sept. 26th-Oct.2nd
Still making sculptures. Fire test clay with glazes to decided on colors for pieces
Week 3. Oct.3rd-9th
Finishing textures on most of the pieces. Figuring out which ones I will show and how I will show them
Week 4. Oct. 10th-16th
Start firing first pieces with glazes. Remake pieces if they break in the firing
Week 5. Oct. 17th-23rd
Finish glazing and firing the last few pieces and get final concept for display. Alter pieces with metal or wood accents. Figure out what the hell im going to say
Week 6. Oct. 24th-30th
Finalize piece placements and show. Practice what i will say a few more times

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