Thursday, September 22, 2011

Schedule-September 22-November 4

Week One (September 18-24)-
- Start on copper wire sculptures.
- Start new vessel forms.
- Research Raku glazes and Patina for copper.
- Have seven new vessels done and ready to fire by 23rd.

Week Two (September 25-October 1)-
- Research more glazes, do samples.
- Start more vessels, carve them. (different sizes, shapes).
- Have total sixteen vessels done by 1st.
- Introduce wire to the pots, see how the sculptures will work/fit with vessels.

Week Three (October 2-8)-
- Write a few pages on my theme, subject matter, etc..
- Start Glazing vessels.
- Practice patina on copper.
- Work on more vessels.

Week Four (October 9-15)-
- Glaze as many pieces as possible.
- Finish patinas.
- Bisque all finished pieces.
- Be done with wet clay.

Week Five (October 16-22)-
- Glaze pieces.
- This is mistakes week. Start new vessels if something goes wrong.
- Bisque.

Week Six (October 23-29)-
- Research galleries to get ideas for how to show my pieces.
- Put sculptures and wire together.
- Go back to the paper and start writing my speech, practicing.

Week Seven (October 30- November 4)-
- Freak out.
- Drink wine.
- Have all pieces done and ready to stage.
- Make stands?
- Present.

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