Monday, November 14, 2011

Artist Statement

I grew up in Las Vegas and lived there for 20 years before I moved up to the Sierra Nevadas. As a child growing up I can always remember there being a camera of some sort following me. In fact, even to this day my mom still captures every important event in my life. That's most likely why I feel the attachment that I do to the camera...

I am a photographer. It is how I view the world. My eye constantly captures images of moments in time. It is these moments, and the thoughts and ideas that go along with them that I strive to share...

I received my Associates Degree of Applied Science with a concentration in Commercial Photography from the College of Southern Nevada and have gone on to pursue my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Sierra Nevada College.

The Rest:
Recently I have been interested in how my mind wonders. I found myself getting into my dreams and the dream state. I liked this idea of being able to control what you can’t control, making the subconscious tangible, and layering. Symbols and symbolism also presented itself within my work and became a realm I found myself exploring. As I move on from this body of work I want to continue exploring and looking at thoughts, how these thoughts come to us, and how they can inform us.

I am also becoming interested in people and their habits and how they are. I have always been interested in observing and watching people. During the process of my Junior Art Portfolio Review I thought a lot about my daily routine and how I “live my life”. This made me start to think about other people. What they do, how they go about their days, and think about.

I also find surveillance to be a very intriguing thing. Growing up in Las Vegas plays a big role in that for me. When you go downtown you are constantly confronted with these bubble like shapes with these lens-like eyes starring at you, watching your every move, and existing in this environment in which they “should” be hiding.

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