Wednesday, November 16, 2011

For Thursday's Class (11/17)

You homework for Tuesday will be to have, printed out, a sketch of your five-year-plan. As in: what are your plans for the next five years – how will you pursue art-making – what is your ultimate goal for your life five years out, and what steps do you think you have to take to get there?

You can download a copy of the thing I handed out at the beginning of the semester, "Ways of Being a Working Artist" – it might be helpful to use as a jumping-off point for strategies of steps to take. Take a look at the tracks I laid out, and see which one might be most applicable to your ambitions:

You can have a general outline for now, but I'll expect you to flesh out the details. For instance, if you're planning on getting an MFA, I'll expect a list of three schools you think would be a good fit. If you're wanting to build an exhibition record, I'll want to know what galleries you plan to contact.

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