Monday, November 14, 2011

Bio and Statements...

Ok- so I did two so we can mix and match...

Statement #1

I have an interest in the narrative and an aesthetic that is formal and spare and vacilates from color or moments of defining color to the starkness of black and white. 
I am fascinated by the formal qualities of the old masters and the idea of apprenticeship and an authenticity of technical mastery that is in conflict with today’s art at large- “Art is what you can get away with” (quote from man at Burning Man…) 
I try to reference or bring attention to the things that we neglect, ignore or pass over everyday. My subjects invariably are animals or something in the natural world, structures and space and the things in or just outside the picture frame.

Statement #2

My work is an exploration of formality and aesthetics. The most interesting aspect of my practice is the act of mark making through the application of charcoal, ink and paint; the construction, collaging or reconstruction of physical objects.
I am drawn to the physicality of objects, the structural elements of the picture plane, zooming in on a feature and the balance of light and shadow.
By focusing on these elements my work draws attention to the details and narratives that we often ignore or miss in the environment around us.


I was born and raised on a cattle farm in western New South Wales in Australia. I earned my BA in English Literature, traveled extensively and followed the snow to the United States. I live and work in Truckee, CA and have for 18 years. I am currently working toward my BFA in 2D practices at Sierra Nevada College.

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