Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Matt Matt 5 Year Proposed Plan

Year 1

Complete my BFA show at Sierra Nevada College with a better than passing grade and graduate in the spring.

Year 2

Continue working in the 3 dimensional clay or otherwise. Progress my apprenticeship with Matthew Welter and gain more art connections through that.

Year 3

Move out of parents house to somewhere in Tahoe. Keep my apprenticeship with Matthew strong and progress as a wood working artist, but also continue in mixed media and ceramics. Get a job as a ski instructor for a free ski pass.

Year 4

Have several studio art contracts in smaller local galleries and some larger ones.

Progress my skill and craft to a point that will define my art to whoever looks at it.

Side job as ski instructor for free pass still.

Year 5

Keep the current gallery contracts I have and continue to slowly move my art outwards into the surrounding area and larger city centers.

Continue to expand my knowledge of sculpture on any medium and have fun doing it.

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