Sunday, November 13, 2011

Brett's Interview of Me. By Sam Shear

1. What inspires you to create art? is that art unique to you or is it mainly inspired by other artist?

Great question, I would have to say I am more self-inspired then inspired by others. Or at least as far as I know. My ideas always seem to come out of the blue. I find it extremely hard to explain myself and my projects. Especially with this JAPR project coming up. Majority of the time I get interested in an artist after the fact. For example a few days ago, Mary Kenny, showed me an artist by the name of Do-Ho-Suh. He works with wax and multiples, like me. And so this is kinda, how it always works. 

2. Do you feel you have a firm grasp on your JAPR project? Content/Concept

Yes… for the most part. I have all my materials and content, now I just need to put it all together. The overall meaning behind the piece isn't really realized yet but i have a great sentence that put it all into perspective for me. My work is about the things we carry with us through life and what we leave along the way. I have 30 something travelers, each with a piece of my grandmothers dollhouse in it.  I plan on having them all displayed on two staggered shelfs and a larger shelve below to catch all the dripping wax.

3. What differences are achieved when creating a 3D piece over a 2D piece?

For the most part i've always work in the 3D form. I feel a connection with the piece when I am working with my hands. 3D is a lot more fun to work with. This is not to say i hate 2D, I used to work with photography and digital art, but I just like 3D more. So I do more of it. 
4. What is the general theme behind your JAPR work?

My JAPR project will be about the thing we carry with us through life and the things we are forced to leave behind.

5. What is the most fulfilling part about the art creating process?

I just like to create things. I feel more myself when i'm working with my hands. and when something is done and over with, that is the fulfilling part, but then its right on to the next. I create because it is what i love to do.

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