Thursday, November 10, 2011

Artist Statements

  When I create a painting, I strive for perfection. However, when a mirror-like 
rendition of reality is no longer the goal, perfection becomes a malleable concept. I like to 
think of each painting I create as a study in color and light that results in an image that is 
more sublime than the last. It is a process of trial and error: every painting is a thesis in 
beauty that will inevitably be disproved by the painting that follows it. 

I do like the ending of his artist statement... i sort of buy into the BS and don't mind it. i think being able to talk about your work in this way is interesting and job well done.

good advice??

Glenn Arthur's facebook page: about me. Artist statement?

Autodidact artist. Imperfect perfectionist. Art Nouveau and Neo-Victorian enthusiast. Hopeless romantic.

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