Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Brett Artist Statement

My art could be described as a chaotic mess. To just call it that would not only be an understatement, it be missing the point. What is the point exactly? It’s to increase my range as an artist. I never want to be stuck in the same place or motif for to long. It gets boring to say the least.
It all originated near the end of high school. I finally was able to take an art class since middle school. I showed a piece “Gorillaz” in the Contemporary Art Museum of Virginia. From there I moved onto Utah State where I increased my skills drawing, painting, photography, ceramic and in aspects of design. Soon after I transferred to SNC. I learned how to use various digital art programs including Final Cut and Photoshop.
Since graduating high school, I’ve dabbled in almost every medium of art from printmaking to photography. I’ve always loved painting. A recreation I painting of Van Gogh’s “The Poet” was placed in the 2011 SNC student Art show. The piece “Van Varga” just so happened to win one hundred dollars. I participated in the 2011 Fall JAPR show. The piece I presented “University of Merjersy” was images accompany by an audio tour. It was the first time I used comedy in my art to convey a deeper meaning. The show was a venue that articulated how people propitiate an image of how they want to be perceived.
Even though I want to incorporate mixed media in many of my works going forward. I think it’s essential to keep humor in most of my work. I feel that comedy is one of the best venues to explore social, political, or economic issues. My art is a direct extension of my ideology. Being kind of a comedian, I feel I connect best to my work when I try to bring some of my humor into it. As an artist it’s important to be able to connect to your art and know where it’s coming from. Hallow art, where there is no clear meaning, isn’t art at all. My art has a soul, or a part of my soul. My art has meaning, it has personality, and it has life.

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